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In 2017, Angela Medlin, the Founder and Design Director of FAAS, brought attention to three important issues that have not been prioritized or do not currently exist in traditional design education and the apparel industry:

• Proliferating Diversity and Inclusion in the global apparel industry

• Educating students in ‘True to industry’ processes and workplace best practices

• Instructing students to integrate Sustainable, Functional, and Innovative attributes into sport AND fashion design

These three very important components inspired this unique program, FAAS (Functional Apparel & Accessories Studio), a unique ‘learn while doing' program instructed by apparel industry leaders. Angela Medlin utilizes her three decades of performance and lifestyle apparel design experience in global brands to prepare students to confidently enter their career. Angela’s brand experience includes Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Levi Strauss and others. FAAS students design innovative apparel and accessories through problem solving for the consumer’s product needs in 2 to 12 week design intensives and are mentored in ‘real time’ by current industry leaders.

The program, FAAS, encourages students from all walks of life, background, and geography to apply to the program. The future of design will depend on DIVERSE ideas, innovative contribution, and points of views. To facilitate individual growth and learning, FAAS includes 1:1 mentorships and coaching. FAAS PRIORITIZES THE SUCCESS OF THE STUDENTS PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY.

The FAAS curriculum includes 3D (Browzwear) digital prototyping, physical prototyping, pattern making, industrial sewing, hand and digital illustration, tech packs, product pitches, digital presentations, team collaborations, personal and professional development. In FAAS, we encourage and challenge those who currently design in other disciplines to expand their skill set into performance apparel & accessories in order to become a well rounded designer in the product creation industry. A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY AWAITS YOU. #SEEYOURSELFHERE