Profession / Business / Title:  Head of Denim / Denim Designer at Aritzia


List of brands designed for: Sass & Bide, Levi Strauss & Co.., Gap, and Aritzia

How long have you been in your profession? 19 years

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Real talk- PRO’s vs CONS in your profession?

PRO’s: Seeing your work out in the world. Making social and environmental impact through product decisions. Inspiration shopping. Traveling around the world.

CON’s: Long days. Crazy deadlines. Meetings about meetings.

Best moment in your career? Teaching women in Vietnam how to improve their families, achieve independence, while understanding their rights, through training them for finishing roles in a Levi’s development center there.

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Most challenging moment in your career? Faced with a verbally abusive, and physically imposing manager, finding the inner strength to stand strong, despite knowing that it could affect my future career. Treating my moment of adversity in a manner that would set a strong example for my daughter and other people coming up in the design industry. 

What advice can you offer potential designers? Walk before you run. You get great through practice, and experience. Great designers know their constraints, and know them because of the time they put in doing the work. 

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Your thoughts on diversity and/or inclusivity in the design industry? I am seeing more and more POC in the design industry. Progress is being made, and I look forward to more people pursuing the hard work and education that will bring them into, and add diversity to the world of great designers.

Favorite inspirational quote? "One may know how to conquer without being able to do it."

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